All Over Quilting patterns are unique all-over designs that can be done to match the theme or motif of your quilt. This is the most popular type of quilting that we provide. We have hundreds of patterns to choose from. Examples include but are not limited to: swirls, feathers, leaves, flowers, stars, hearts, curves, feathers, fruits, bugs, combinations of these designs and many, many more. You can match the motif of your quilt or a specific fabric in your quilt or just go with a design that accentuates your piecing! The options are limitless. Not sure what design your quilt needs? Bring it over and see what inspiration we can come up with together.

All Over Quilting Prices range from 2.25 cents per square inch to 3.5 cents per square inch depending on the tightness of the stitching.

Quilt Size Total Price
Twin (65X88)
$143.00 - $200.20
Full (78X88)
$154.54 - $240.24
Queen (84x92)
$173.88 - $270.48
King (92x100)
$207.00 - $322.00

Featured "All Over" Patterns

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All Over Quilting Pattern Example All Over Quilting Pattern Example 2 All Over Quilting Pattern Example 3

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