Stipple Quilting

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Stippling is a method of quilting that is a continuous meandering line of stitching that never crosses over itself. Stippling is similar to a design called "cornelli lace" used to embellish collars and epaulets in the 1920's. Like "doodling" ,it looks beautiful and can be a cost effective way to get those unfinished quilt tops complete and put to good use! Rendezvous Quilts offers a variety of Stippling sizes.

Amy enjoys stipple quilting. Before going into business with Rendezvous Quilts, Amy learned to stipple at "Quilts in the Attic", a local quilt store. After many years of quilting, she has perfected her technique and does lovely, even meandering.

Stippling Sizes & definitions

Micro & Small stipple
Very fine stippling requires much more work and attention to detail. Small stippling is considered quilting that is 1/2 inch apart or less.

Medium Stipple
Still requiring a great attention to detail, medium stippling is quilting that is between 1/2 - 1 inch apart.

Large Stippling is all over meandering that is beautiful and cost effective. It is a practical way to get those quilt tops you have lying around finished up and put to use! Large stippling is quilting that is approximately 1 - 1 1/2 inches apart.

Large Stipple Quilting Prices

Large Stipple: 1 ¼ ¢ sq inch
Stipple Type Quilt Size Total Price
Micro & Small Stipple All Quilt Sizes Starting @ .03¢ per square inch
Medium Stipple - 1¾ ¢ per square inch
Twin (65X88)
Full (78X88)
Queen (84x92)
King (92x100)
Large Stipple - 1¼ ¢ per square inch
Twin (65X88)
Full (78X88)
Queen (84x92)
King (92x100)

Featured Stipple Quilts

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Custom Quilt Example 3 Custom Quilt Work Example Custom Quilt Example 2

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