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Stippling is a method of quilting that is a continuous meandering line of stitching that never crosses over itself. It looks beautiful and can be a cost-effective way to get those unfinished quilt tops completed and put to good use! Large stipple is 1 ¼ cent per square inch (0.0125 x sq in of your quilt = cost of quilting).

All Over Quilting Patterns

All over quilting patterns are unique all over designs that can be done to match the theme or motif of your quilt. This is the most popular type of quilting that we provide. An all over quilting pattern is any pattern that covers your quilt from edge to edge. We have hundreds of patterns to choose from. Examples include but are not limited to: feathers, flowers, leaves, swirls, stars, hearts, baby patterns, nature patterns, animals, butterflies, holiday patterns, sports patterns and many, many more. All over quilting prices range from 2 ¼ cents per square inch to 3 ½ cents per square inch depending on how tight or intricate you want the quilting to be.
0.0225 x sq in of your quilt = cost of quilting for a large loose quilting pattern
0.025 x sq in = cost of quilting for a medium to large quilting pattern
0.0275 x sq in = cost of quilting for a medium to small quilting pattern
0.03-0.035 x sq in = cost of quilting for a very tight quilting pattern
custom quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is heirloom quality quilting, custom-designed for your quilt. It would include different patterns in different areas of your quilt, block designs, thread changes, design specific border patterns or any other specific custom quilting requests. Custom quilting prices start at 5 cents per square inch. 0.05 x sq in of your quilt = cost of quilting.